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Tips for surviving the aftermath of an all nighter

1. COFFEE!!! Try to drink caffeine when you need it like before a class or an important meeting.
2. Black sabbath (or any rock and roll) listening to loud music will keep your mind from falling asleep.
3. Toys or things to occupy your hands and keep them busy.
4. Makes sure you eat some food. Being hungry and having no fuel for your body will make you crash. Eat bananas or nuts, good sources of energy.
5. No junk food. Junk food will make you crash earlier. Eat good sources of food
6. Exercise. When you can, get up and walk around to wake up your body.
7. Wear comfy clothes. Being uncomfortable will make you frustrated and burn the limited energy you have.
8. Take small naps. When you have a chance close your eyes and take a little nap and make sure to set an alarm to wake up at a certain time.
9. When you finally get home, try and go to bed at appropriate time like 9 or 10 to try and get back to your regular schedule.
10. Lastly, try and not do all nighters.  All nighters are not good for your body to go through. Leave them for when you really need them.

Fact: you never really ketch up on all the sleep you loose when you do an all nighter