Labelled is DONE!!!

I am finally done and I am so thrilled with the results. I kept to my idea and now I feel like I have my confidence back

I am thankful to all who saw my vision and believed that I would finish. Thank you. 

I know there were a few who didn’t believe I would finish and were telling me I should slice and dice my poem up to finish my film. I did not want to cut anything from my poem and staying with my plan I now have an amazing film. 

And I am so happy to say that my film was included in the best of animations at my school.  

I have been researching film festivals and planning to send my film off, hopefully I can get. I will keep you all updated if anything happens. 

Now my plan for the summer is to finish old ideas on some films I did awhile ago and also start a new film, maybe. I have some many ideas and I feel like I want to do them all now.   Stay tune.