Progress of my Grad Film


The progress of my Grad Film

My progress of my Grad Film is coming along.  This film is going to more experimental animation with a poem audio with music and sound over top.

This semester I completed the poem, character designs and plan for my film.

After having the character designs done I started working on building the puppets.  So far I have two puppets out of five completed and four out of five have been started.  I haven’t started Insecure yet because I don’t have my idea nailed down or really much of an idea, yet.  The only idea I had for Insecure is that it would be a spirit like thing but I don’t know what it would do in the scene or how the film will end.

Right now the backgrounds are black but each scene will have a certain environments such as:

-scene 1 (Worthless) will have a school

-scene 2 (Weak) will have a home

-scene 3 (Bad Kid) will have silhouettes of people

-scene 4 (Insecure) is still unknown.

They will be made with fabric and sewing to make my puppets and make the scene feel whole.

Over the winter break, I plan to finish all my puppets and figure out the last two scenes I have left.

The Hand

Here is the hand that will be used in the first scene with Worthless and could potential be used in other scenes.  The Hand is still being built up and needs latex and cotton then a fabric hand sleeve that will go over and be painted after.

There is a potential about adding nails if I do I will add fake nails and glue them on.