Revised Sound list


FILMMAKER: Megan McClennon

sound Category 1 Obtain how priority By Date Done
Recording of poem vocals Recording voice highest March 20 Scratch: done

-Final: not done

Music that goes throughout the film

(rising and falling) working with the film

Background Making with sound Top March 27
Footsteps BG Recording After film March 27
Snake sounds (rattle snake, hissing) BG Recording March 27
Whispering and talking BG Recording March 27
Echo or emptiness BG Recording March


Zipper BG Recording March 27
Crying BG Recording March 27
Laughing BG Recording March 27
Thud (giant footsteps) BG Recording March 27
Rustling of hay and leaves BG Recording March 27
 scratching wood  BG  Recording March 27


-Recording sounds such as:

bells, rubbing of fabrics, tapping of certain items like spoons and pencils, rattles, mini drums, bottle instruments, scratching wood, banging a whisk or rack, racket grating, vibrating wood (Popsicle sticks), hay broom being tapped on wood, tissue paper, aluminium foil or tin pan being crumbled or altered, also playing with little kids toys (beeps and music)


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