Hey everyone,  I finally got my ‘Ah Ha’ moment to wrap up my idea for my grad film.

So here is my Grad Film idea.

Working title:

‘Skin Deep’

Estimated length of project:

4-6 minutes (including title and credits)


Stop-motion (fabric puppets sewn together)


The battling we all have to get rid of those negative labels.

Background and Skills:

I have been experimenting and practicing with stop-motion through other projects and I believe I have found a technique that I like.

I also have a passion for writing, sewing, sculpting, sound design and many other things I plan to incorporate into my film to make it spectacular.

I am currently taking a creative writing course that will help prep my script for my film.


My goal is to show how powerful labels are and the battle to get rid of them.


-Shane Koyczan’s Poem ‘To This Day’

-Robert Frost’s Poem ‘The road not taken’

-I am Tom Moody film by Ainslie Henderson

– The Maker by Zealous Creative Studio is many inspiration for the visual

( )


The premise of my film is to explore labels.  I will talk five many labels I got growing up and how hard to get rid of them when the sink in.  The labels I will explore that I got growing up are Worthless, Stupid, Ugly, Weak and Incapable.

As the visual I will express the labels as actual beings stop-motion puppets.

Story Beat List:

  1. Worthless Vs. Extraordinary
  2. Stupid Vs. Smart
  3. Ugly Vs. Beautiful
  4. Weak Vs. Strong
  5. Inadequate Vs. Capable