Planning out the film

Eyes for the puppets

Material: Wood beads

1 – sand the top flat

2 – fill hole with milliput

3 – make a small hole with a needle

4 – paint the hole black and the rest white

5 – make an iris and glue it on to the bead

6 –  cover the bead with nail polish

7 – pock a small hole to animated the eye with a pin


Replacement Faces

-use magnets to hold the face in place

Core replacement face with clay


-Opus Amazing casting resin kit

-Super Sculpey Sculpture compound-grey

-Emily Car 50LB bag of plaster (tool crib)


Title Sequence at the Beginning and Ending of Film

2D cut out animation of my character in the film


-Series of unfortunate events credits

-Title sequence se7en – 1995

-Credits of Madagascar 2


Tunnel Scene (scene 5) Ideas:

Make out of fabric (maybe tie dye fabric?)

Have a wire frame

Light being shone through

Camera angles? Support for character?


  • Ideas for animation:

Character support – masking out with after effects

Make reference Videos?

Try clay, hemp, thread, glue, or wire for hair?

Make a support rig for stop motion puppets


-wire, wood or metal for the arm of support

-clay base or attach to peg board

I will need two rigs


  • Special effects list
  1. Morphing face


  1. Red/Blue hands

Look: bright and luminescent

-Clay hands and after effects

  1. Grabbing Soul

Look: white smoke

-Cotton swab shot on a black background and composited over with After effects

  1. Time Travel

Inspiration from coralline

-fabric tunnel

-lights shone through

  • Camera shots?


Scene 1 Breakdown


Mirror made out of aluminum foil

-show reflection after washing face

  • Washing Face


-cloth fabric

  • Brushing teeth

-Replacement faces

Mint green for tooth paste

  • Brushing Hair

Put into a ponytail?

Hair material to test



-embroidery thread


-Synthetic hair


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