Planning out the film

Eyes for the puppets

Material: Wood beads

1 – sand the top flat

2 – fill hole with milliput

3 – make a small hole with a needle

4 – paint the hole black and the rest white

5 – make an iris and glue it on to the bead

6 –  cover the bead with nail polish

7 – pock a small hole to animated the eye with a pin


Replacement Faces

-use magnets to hold the face in place

Core replacement face with clay


-Opus Amazing casting resin kit

-Super Sculpey Sculpture compound-grey

-Emily Car 50LB bag of plaster (tool crib)


Title Sequence at the Beginning and Ending of Film

2D cut out animation of my character in the film


-Series of unfortunate events credits

-Title sequence se7en – 1995

-Credits of Madagascar 2


Tunnel Scene (scene 5) Ideas:

Make out of fabric (maybe tie dye fabric?)

Have a wire frame

Light being shone through

Camera angles? Support for character?


  • Ideas for animation:

Character support – masking out with after effects

Make reference Videos?

Try clay, hemp, thread, glue, or wire for hair?

Make a support rig for stop motion puppets


-wire, wood or metal for the arm of support

-clay base or attach to peg board

I will need two rigs


  • Special effects list
  1. Morphing face


  1. Red/Blue hands

Look: bright and luminescent

-Clay hands and after effects

  1. Grabbing Soul

Look: white smoke

-Cotton swab shot on a black background and composited over with After effects

  1. Time Travel

Inspiration from coralline

-fabric tunnel

-lights shone through

  • Camera shots?


Scene 1 Breakdown


Mirror made out of aluminum foil

-show reflection after washing face

  • Washing Face


-cloth fabric

  • Brushing teeth

-Replacement faces

Mint green for tooth paste

  • Brushing Hair

Put into a ponytail?

Hair material to test



-embroidery thread


-Synthetic hair

The Plan for time warrior

The working title is Time Warrior.

I will make a 3 minute film in stop motion about a girl that has her whole life changed when she gets attacked.

In this film, my plan is to continue focusing and developing my skills in stop motion.

I will also focus on lighting and colour for the look of my film.

I also plan to do some cool effects in my animation such as a face transforming, a glowing hand and pulling out a soul.

Character Analysis

Katherine:  She starts off living her life very naively not realizing who she actually is.  She finds out about Jared when he finds her and tries to kill her.  She also finds out about some of her powers then, time travel the power that Jared wants from Katherine.

Jared:  He is an alien that wants nothing more than power and Katherine has the last greatest power.  He has the power of stealing beings life force to live off of and when those beings have powers he is able to absorb them too.

Beat list for story plan

The Beat List of My story

Goes into washroom

Washes face

Brushes teeth

Brushes hair

She walks over to bed

Pulls covers

Then sees Jared

Drops covers

Jared: “hello, Katherine”

His hand starts glowing red.

Walks backwards to bathroom

Jared: “it’s good to finally meet you. I have read so much about you.”

His face morphs into his true alien face

Jared: “I have been searching for you for a long time.”

His hand had turns blue, he smiled.

Katherine: “please. I don’t have anything you want.”

Jared: “Yes you do. You have a great power.  You don’t even know it.”

He begins to stroll forward; an evil smile grows on his face

Jared: “Now… I am going to kill you.”

She turns and runs out the door.

She runs downstairs to the front door and tries to open it.

The door doesn’t open and Jared comes running down the stairs.

She runs into the living room

Jared: “there is nothing you can do, your death is inevitable.”

He lunges for her, both falling to the ground,

He tries to place his hand on her stomach but she holds him back.

But he is able to put his hand just for a second (see white smoke leave her body and now there is a burned hand print on her stomach)

She is able to kick him back.

She scrambles to get up.

Then she sees him lunge for her again.

She runs away, not seeing that she goes into a bright colourful hole.

She travels back in time to ? (don’t know yet)