Letter to the monster-Poem

I repost my poem here. There was some request to read my poem so here it is, I hope you enjoy.

Letter to the monster

My mom says there were
Good times
When we were younger
But it’s sad
I can’t remember
Any good times at all
Every time I dredge
Any image of you up
Nothing but bad memories
Flood into
My mind
You ruined my childhood
So many tears shed
Years of feeling fear
Of reprisal
I want to remember
Of you
You want me to tell you
Why I am
Mad at you
How could you be
I will start from the beginning
So listen carefully

We were young
And the shouting came from you
Towards my brother and me
Don’t know
Why you were roaring
But we were kids
Of our own father
My brother was terrified like I was
And he was younger than me
He saw the chance of an opportunity
And his little legs raced into his room
To his closet
The monster
Darted after him
Your teeth showing
Your eyes bulging
And the words you were blaring
Were coarse
To try and protect us
My mom threatened
To call the cops but
You sprinted down the stairs
Out the door
She should have called them

Our dog
A gentle animal
Thought he was protecting my brother
He bit my brother’s friend
Not knowing the difference
Play fighting and real fighting
But you
The monster
Almost killed him
Smashing his face
Into the trampoline and cement
Blood was coming
Out of his little nose
Your mistake
For letting him outside
When we were playing
A mistake you could have
You should have
Known better
And still my brother and I
As witnesses
Not knowing what to do
My mom
Yelled your name
Causing you to look
At what you were doing
Then you let go of his neck
You bolted out of there

Our Disneyland trip
Our first time going
To the US
My mom paid
Extra cash
For you to go
Drive all the way there
To save money
But you made it horrible
All the way there
Never switching off
The driving
With my mom
Then spending
All the time
Riding your bike
In the hotel parking lot
While we tried to enjoy the trip
Making us feel like we were
Interrupting your life
By trying to be
A family

I never wanted to go
Home is where
You are supposed to feel
But I feared
Going home
Feared you
Feared the arguments
Feared the holes
In the doors
Caused by your wrath
I feared your presence
Being around
Your anger
Your rage
Toward those living in the house
Your negativity
About anything
You didn’t like
Your control
Over everything
Your belongings everywhere
Your complaints
That we got in your way
The house was not a home

You stole from us
Expensive things
Cooking pots
You lied to our faces
Told us that you wouldn’t
Take anything
From my brother and me
But still you stole
All our good ones
And even the ones you didn’t like
The Blues Brothers
The Grinch that Stole Christmas
There’s some irony there
But most of all
You stole the truck
My mom bought
With her own money
And she bought the truck
For the family
Not for you
You left us with
A twenty year old Honda Civic
Selfish monster

That day on the lawn
Everyone saw
Your hidden monster
Everyone heard
Your loud roar
The neighbourhood heard
The world heard
You threatened
To hurt my mom
She is fragile
It would damage her
If a punch
Was thrown her way
I was prepared
To protect her
To step
In front
Of that
Rage filled punch
And take the fall
I am young
And I would have been
Able to bounce back
More easily than my mom
But thankfully
With the neighbourhood watching
Bolted into the house

Waiting for the bus
At the bus stop
We spotted you but
Not soon enough
You spotted us
We tried
To run to the next bus stop
But there you were
On the other side
Of the street
Your window rolled down
And your arm
Perched on the ledge
You threw questions at us
Knowing the answers to them
You accused my mom
Of being a witch
Of casting a spell
Convincing us
That you are the monster
She did no such thing
My brother and I
Have our own minds
Yet you still ask
I repeat to you
Three simple words
Leave us alone
Finally after I tell you
With a face like a statue
To leave
You do
That was the last time
I saw you

I know who you are
Everyone knows
That’s why you don’t
Have any friends
Any family that cares
About you
You lost your family
Because of
Your selfishness
You sat in the house
Like a toad
For four months
And after you
Painted everything
Trying to erase memories
Still you don’t know
Why I am mad at you
What you did
How could you not figure it out
So listen carefully
My family has no room
For monsters


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