My Christmas Tree!!!

This is my Christmas tree this year.
We almost went with out a tree this year with luck and a wind storm we found a branch on a side of the road.
A Christmas Miracle!!!


Reflection of experimental animation

I have learned a lot from my experimental animation class. I wish the class was a 6 credit course or had another section to do next semester, there was a lot of learning to do in experimental animation and so much to explore.
When I first started this class I was certain I wanted to just focus on stop motion animation but I started wanting to try other forms of animation towards the end of my semester that we were exploring in class.
I never like to think of it but unfortunately money is a big influence for animation and stop motion animation uses a lot of materials.
I was looking online and there were animation that was reading out poems then the animating to the poem. I thought they were really cool and very powerful so I wanted to animate one of my poem since I do consider myself to be a poet.
So I choose one of my longest poem, letter to the monster. This free verse poem I wrote in 2012 as a response to the situation about my father. In the animation, because of time and changing ideas I decided not to do the whole poem and just did the beginning and ending verses. I do plan to finish the whole poem, soon.
It was an interesting experiment that I really enjoy and would like to do more. There wasn’t so much planning expect pairing the animation to the powerful words. I was able to use materials that I had around my place which was really helpful for money. Also this was a different feeling to just grab some materials and animate with them.
I never been good at planning which is one of my biggest problem I try to work on. I try and try to plan but it always changes on me or it doesn’t work out the way I would like it to be so my plans usually change. Like what happened with my trailer of the time travels. I am no voice actor and I don’t have anyone I know that could have done it and of course being a student I don’t have money to hire someone so my project didn’t work out the way I wanted it to be.
Experimenting these things has been good and will help me for my future animation projects and I hope anyone that reads this blog, my experience will help you.