Experimental animation film so far

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finding many flaws that i need to work on such as making multpile puppets, one for each scene.


Final Project Story Plan

So for my final project for my experimental class I am working on clay animation and will be a different story then I original planned.

My story will be about a girl named Maggie and she has a friend that can time travel, his name is Tee.  They go on an adventure to discover America.  They ended up when Columbus was discovering America.  Maggie informs Tee that Columbus wasn’t the first to discover America that the Vikings did.  Tee feels embarrassed by his mistake and then feels bad for Columbus not discovering America first.  Tee takes Maggie’s hand and travels to when the Vikings are discovering America.

Here is a comic strip that I did in etching that is the story for my project.

photo 1

Deeper Focus Reflection

I have a learned a lot with this deeper focus project and time has been the most important thing I have learned.

With stop-motion puppets I would need a lot of time especially since I am a big perfectionist (I get it from my mom).  I want it to look similar to Laika’s animation and there is a lot of work to do for the stop motion animation that I won’t be able to work out in this class.  so I have decided to change my direction to clay-mation.

I have had a lot of success with clay animation and I am going to go further with it by doing 3D puppets.  I have done an experiment with clay and it was an success.

Using a wire frame under neath the clay and using magnets or a tie down method to keep them up, this is how I will be doing my final project.    The magnets were good to hold down my characters but there were challenges to doing it and I need to have a thin board for the magnets to hold correctly.   Doing a walk cycle made it impossible because I had to pull the feet up but they kept wanting to go together when the magnets were too close so it didn’t turn out.

With clay it can stay by itself if there is enough for it to be stable like seen in my test, my figure is standing my itself.

I have done research into Aardman animation and they have many interesting ways they use that isn’t captured in the picture, I plan to use these methods.

I am planning to get a peg board.  I have been working on getting my studio set up with supplies at home because it is hard bring my stuff back and forth to school and stop-motion puppets have a lot of supplies.

deeper focus/messy 4 -step 1 Camera test


I have been setting up my studio with stuff for stop motion.  Slowly but surely I will have a studio.

I just got a camera and this animation was a test of how close I can go to it.

I have to find some lights in my mission to create a stop motion studio.

I found material to get for my stage at Home Depot so I should have some pictures up soon of what my stage will look like.

Unfortunately my trial for Dragonframe expired and I am working on buying it and should be getting it soon.

Keep checking in for updates…….