Reflection of my animation practice and goals

Ok I have been having a hard time with stop motion puppets. I have been trying to stand my puppets straight up but everything I have tried isn’t working. I looked online and there is a guy that says that magnets are the best method for stop motion puppets but unfortunately I don’t have strong enough magnets for my puppets to stand, right now. I am planning to go looking for supplies tomorrow such as strong magnets, glass, sand and a webcam.
I didn’t expect stop motion puppets to be so hard. I love stop motion animation because it evolves everything I love such as sculpting, sewing, painting and crafting materials together. I will not stop pursuing my dream to work at Laika. I will master stop motion puppets.
I am thinking of exploring different materials for my puppets such as sand, dirt, marshmallows, gum or cookie dough, to see how they will work.
My goals for this course is to get experience in stop motion puppets.
My plan for my deeper focus project is to animate the children’s book ‘Stellaluna’ by Janell Cannon. I was planning to go with the peom I had posted awhile ago but I think trying to animate the book Stellaluna will be a better plan. Stellaluna was my favorite book to read as a child and I didn’t like to read. I took Stellaluna out of the library so many times that my mom bought me my own book.
I think this project will help me explore my animation style. I also think I have been struggling a bit without having a story. I guess it is just how my process works.
Also, there is this etching project I am working on and will be on my blog soon.


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